Chakra Power Energy Bracelet

Connect to your infinite wisdom with this powerful combination of  7 chakra energy gemstones to promote balance combined with clear quartz to amplify & energize your intentions, labradorite to trust your intuition & pyrite for standing in your power & being you. This gemstone energy bracelet  is designed to help balance your energy field, help you feel centered & feels amazing to wear.

Elastic slip-on style with 8mm gemstones is 18cm long & suits average wrist size. Choose your inspirational charm below.

Remember that you are a powerful being !


Handmade with love.... Enjoy!


CHAKRA - Balance & Connect

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White Howlite Abundance Energy Bracelet

This powerful synergy of  gemstone energies is designed to raise your vibration to help you manifest abundance in your life. White Howlite helps you to remain calm & centered, Sodalite promotes synergy between head & heart & alleviate fears, Pyrite promotes self worth & attracts money & success & Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of these stones & energizes your intentions & desires.....what a powerful combination ! Choose your inspirational charm below.

Wear this high energy quantum activated support tool to maintain a high vibration that attracts abundance.

handmade with love....enjoy!


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  • Available
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days