Chakra Crystal ENERGY Jewellery

The Chakra Collection is designed with chakra gemstone colours to support & balance your energy field.

The chakras are the 7 main energy centres of the body. They are spiralling vortexes of chi energy that are associated with specific emotions, themes, personality traits & parts of the body. If your chakra energies are balanced & flowing, you feel harmony & well-being, if not, you may feel agitated, unwell or out of balance. There are many ways to achieve & maintain chakra balance, including  the use of crystals & colour energies, which can have a powerful, positive impact on our chakras. Wearing the crystal colour associated with a particular chakra, can support you energetically & help you to regain balance & strength in that particular area. The quantum energy frequencies of this jewellery also promote balance & harmony. 

Simply focus on the colour of the chakra that is demanding your attention & set your intent for that chakra to be balanced & energized, so that you feel supported with that particular issue or theme. Breathe…Connect.....Balance! 


These are the colours & themes associated with the 7 chakras:-

  • Base Chakra-Red/Black-promotes feeling secure & grounded
  • Sacral Chakra-Orange-promotes creativity & enthusiasm
  • Solar Plexus Chakra-Yellow- promotes personal power & self-esteem
  • Heart Chakra-Green/Pink-promotes love, kindness, forgiveness
  • Throat Chakra-Blue-promotes expression & communication
  • Third Eye Chakra-Purple/Indigo-promotes intuition & wisdom
  • Crown Chakra-White/Violet promotes enlightenment & clarity

Balance Chakra crystal gemstone Bracelet handmade noosa

Chakra Earrings Gemstone crystal handmade noosa


Your inspirational jewellery is quantum energy activated to promote harmony & healing & to protect against negative energies. Affirmation & crystal energy cards are included to raise your vibration to Feel Joy & Enjoy your Journey.