Amethyst & rose quartz crystal JEWELLERY


"Protection & Healing”


Amethyst is an extremely powerful & protective stone. It protects us against stress & negative environmental energies.

It also balances & calms us mentally & emotionally & helps to alleviate pain & sadness. Use Amethyst to enhance spiritual awareness & intuition & to ease headaches & insomnia. It is beneficial for skin conditions, digestion & respiratory tract ailments. are loved & protected! 

turquoise affirmation gemstone crystal charm pendant necklace handmade noosa

Sodalite Love gemstone crystal Wristband Bracelet handmade noosa

Chakra Earrings Gemstone crystal handmade noosa

amethyst rose quartz gemstone crystal bracelet handmade noosa

Your handmade jewellery is quantum energy activated to promote harmony & well-being & to support you energetically. Affirmation & gemstone energy cards are included to inspire you to Feel Joy & Love Your Life.