Inspirational crystal energy beach jewellery.

Affirmation word charms to inspire you 

to love life & enjoy your journey.   

Ocean & earth crystal energies to make your soul sing.  

 Vegan friendly for the animals & the planet.

Handmade with love in Noosa Australia.


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personalized hand stamped name charms handmade noosa

 Affirmation Word Pendants

Positive affirmation word jewelry

gemstone crystal necklace pendant handmade noosa

 Gemstone Energy Necklaces

Crystal energy necklaces with inspirational symbols & positive  affirmation words.

Beach energy wristbands & anklets

Vegan cord & sterling silver adjustable  wristbands & anklets

Personalised word jewellery

Choose  words, names or numbers to create your own unique design.


gemstone crystal charm bracelets handmade noosa

 Crystal Energy Bracelets

Handmade gemstone bracelets with inspirational charms.


gemstone crystal necklace pendant handmade noosa

Crystal Energy  Pendants

Powerful crystal healing energy.

Quartz & Turquoise. 



 Your inspirational jewellery is quantum energy activated to promote harmony & healing & to protect against negative energies. Affirmation & crystal energy cards are included to inspire you to

Love Life & Enjoy your Journey.