Quantum energy activated crystal jewellery to promote harmony, balance & well-being in your life. Positive affirmation word jewelry to remind you to Love Life & Enjoy Your Journey. Handmade with love in Noosa Australia, using vegan friendly components. Shop now to find the perfect crystal energy jewellery for you.

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personalized hand stamped name charms handmade noosa

 Affirmation Word Pendants

Design you own personalized hand stamped affirmation charms for you or your loved ones.

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gemstone crystal necklace pendant handmade noosa

Inspirational Gemstone Necklaces

Unique designs &  powerful energy

with crystals & affirmation word charms.

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gemstone crystal charm bracelets handmade noosa

 Crystal Energy Bracelets

Inspirational gemstone bracelets to promote wellbeing & harmony in a range of gemstone combinations.

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 Turquoise gemstone crystal faux suede wrap handmade noosa

Gemstone Vegan Suede Wraps

Unique designs handmade with faux suede, gemstones & inspirational charms.

Wear your inspiration every day!

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gemstone crystal necklace pendant handmade noosa

Crystal Energy  Pendants

Unique designs with amazing crystal

& gemstone energy.

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Men's gemstone crystal wristwrap sodalite & jasper handmade noosa

Men's Gemstone Power Range

Power tribal style wrist wraps, neckbands and unique hand-woven designs. 

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Your handmade jewellery is quantum energy activated to promote harmony & wellbeing & to support you energetically. Affirmation & gemstone energy cards are included to inspire you to Feel Joy & Love Your Life. Your crystal creations are also gift wrapped for your enjoyment.